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ArtScan Studio was founded on 2005 by Reuven Aviv, with over 35 years of experience in many and varied fields such as photography and technical photography in particular, performing scans on drum scanners and professional flatbed scanners, color separations for offset printing.  Reuven also holds  deep knowledge of all the complex processes from photographing/scanning to printing faithful to the original.


Printing Services

Art Scan prints (photographers like to say enlarge..) in a wide format using Epson printers with 12 colors that give results that are no less than amazing.

It is known that the (pigment) ink injection method has long become a worthy substitute for photochemical printing. Photographers and painters and anyone who needs uncompromising quality printing, know that with this technology, there is no professional limit! On the contrary, sometimes there are even more advantages.

The ability to print on FineArt papers and, of course, also on classic photo papers (photo papers), turn any photo or image into an amazing creation that lasts for decades without color problems that change or fade. We print on FineArt papers from the leading brands in the market such as Hahnemuehle, Epson, Canson and more...

Photoshop Services

As a continuation of the scans, the ArtScan studio performs image processing in all its methods: * Basic color improvements. * Composite color enhancements in a variable color space. * Precise sharpening, precise burns and retouching. * Color conversions from RGB to CMYK according to the different types of printing (digital printing / silk printing / offset or lithography) * RAW file processing * Color adjustments to pattern * Or any other strange or unusual request the customer has...

Post Press Services

As part of many years of work with printing houses and print producers at an international level, we provide post-press services that include file conversions and calibrated 'Iris' printing that meets international standards. The Iris accurately simulates offset printing and as such it is used by the printer in the printing house as a solid basis for reference that accompanies him until the final result.

Reproduction Services

In order to produce the reproductions, we use professional scanners and several types of digital cameras that produce images in extremely high resolutions and use advanced lighting equipment.

Many artists and craftsmen use this service - whether they are painters who wish to create exact copies of their works for sale or whether they are painters or sculptors who wish to present their works in one or another catalog.

Most of the works are performed and photographed in our studio, but in certain cases where it is not possible to transport the work of art, it is also possible to come to the customer's home.

Scanning Services

We scan for the printing industry and especially for the field of art and every year we perform thousands of scans and color matching for printing, conversions from camera files in the RGB model to the CMYK color model, for commercial photographers as well as for graphic designers who produce art books for museums and galleries throughout the country and abroad. The scans and prints performed at ArtScan receive close and professional support from an experienced professional who is familiar with all the work processes until obtaining a high level of accuracy and uncompromising results. Along with the conversion, you can also get a corrective iris print.

Color Tests and Calibrations

We work with professional and calibrated screens only, Color tests are performed on a daily basis, thereby assuring us and the team that the level remains the same. Artscan meets all standards related to color and calibration. The studio is a member of the Israeli "standard" for color

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8 Bar kohva, Bne Brak - Please coordinate your visit in advance


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